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The Results Are In – Video Boosts Sales

If there is one item you want to include in your online ecommerce site this holiday season, it is video. A recent report by video commerce solution provider Invodo has the data to prove what many have known, video boosts sales. Video engages online shoppers and has a direct influence on buying decisions. But don’t

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Money making opportunities with Vimeo

Vimeo, an online video site, announced few weeks ago that creators will now have an opportunity to make money from their films and videos. No, the films won’t be inundated with advertisements. Rather, they?ll have the online equivalent of a tip jar. Exactly as the name suggests, once Tip Jar is enabled, viewers can click

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Best free video converter

As a web design company that builds very heavy-media websites, we were looking for a best solution for our clients and us to convert videos between formats. There are many choices on the market, but most of them are not enough good or paid. After hours spent on searching, installing and testing different video converting

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Google Adds New Type of Instant Previews to Search Results

Google has added a new type of instant previews to Google search results. These previews are designed specifically for video results. The video instant previews show you several frames from a video and may even play the video preview when you mouse over the thumbnail image. How does it work? Search Google or Google Video

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HTML5 < video > tag versus Flash

HTML5 is still very new way of displaying video on web. On an official YouTube blog we can read that the company has to use Flash technology in order to meet all the needs of a site like YouTube. HTML5 < video > tag does not provide yet a good enough experience for viewers as

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Mobile Video Stats

According to a report from nielsen.com, more than half (55%) of the mobile video audience is adults aged 25-49. Other data from this report shows that 20.3 million people who watch mobile video in the U.S. spend on average 3 hours and 37 minutes each month watching video on a cellphone. The report clearly shows

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Video on Wikipedia

There is a new project from Open Video Alliance (openvideoalliance.org) which encourages users to add videos to Wikipedia. “The actual fact is that we’re just getting started,” Michael Dale from corp.kaltura.com pointed out. “There’s not a clear idea of how video will work and be used.” You can read more at videoonwikipedia.org.

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Netflix App for iPhone

Netflix thinks about creating an iPhone app which would give users all the same functionality that they have when streaming videos from Netflix on a PC.

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