The Results Are In – Video Boosts Sales

If there is one item you want to include in your online ecommerce site this holiday season, it is video. A recent report by video commerce solution provider Invodo has the data to prove what many have known, video boosts sales.

Video engages online shoppers and has a direct influence on buying decisions. But don’t just take our word for it – the facts speak for themselves:

  • People who watch videos are almost twice as likely to make a purchase
  • Two-thirds of video watchers see at least 80% of the video
  • One-third of videos are viewed on mobile devices, with mobile device viewing 24% higher than desktop viewing

When it comes to videos and their effectiveness, 78% were rated 4 or 5 stars, meaning they are effective and add value to the online shopping experience.

Businesses have taken note of the positive impact of videos, with 75% of retailers and manufacturers expecting to increase their video budget over the next few years.

Anyone who is serious about creating an online presence and generating sales must include video as part of the overall web experience. Video is now a proven way to engage your customers and increase revenue.