Supercharge Your Ecommerce Site with SMS

Text messaging is moving beyond a way stay in touch with family and friends and quickly becoming an important client engagement tool for business. SMS has become the leading application in use today and this trend will only continue.

The good news for retailers using the Magento ecommerce platform, is the growth of SMS enabling applications.

FireText is a free extension which gives merchants the ability to send text messages throughout the order fulfillment process, along with allowing personalized messages.

SMS PRO lets online e-commerce sites send texts based on certain events which triggers messages, through the Nexmo SMS gateway.

SMS Manager notifies customers when orders ships and allows them to track shipping progress. Administrators can also be updated with new orders and the application can be configured with customized messages.

Mage SMS provides multilingual and multi-store support. Text messages can be sent based on various events set by the administrator, with advanced filtering options available as well.

Clockwork SMS sends messages when customers place an order, an order is shipped or if an order is delayed.

With a wide range of SMS applications available, there is no reason to not include this tool as part of your customer interaction experience.