Steady movement expected in Android and Smartphone market

In a recent Nielsen report, the mobile operating environment has stabilized over the past several months. Although Androids enjoyed steady growth as the market leader in 2010, Apple and Blackberry are holding on to their market at 26% and 23% of the market share respectively.

The study also reveals that Android users consume the most data at an average of rate 582 megabytes of data per month versus 492 megabytes of Apple iOS users. In regards to application downloads, 79% of Apple iOs users download apps per month versus 74% of Android users. Blackberry users only download at a rate of 42% per month.

After utilizing data resources and application downloads, smartphones’ next popular activity is streaming online music, an activity that pushes services like Pandora and MOG to soar in the Android and iOS marketplace,

Windows Mobile is still a strong presence in the market, holding at 9%, with Windows Phone 7 claiming 1% of the market.