Retailers Offering E-Commerce Options

Something we are starting to see when we take the time to shop online is the “Buy online, pick up in store” option.  This option is very popular to all of the online shoppers that would prefer to shop online.  Once the shopper is notified their item is at the store, it can be picked up.  However, is this option all it’s cracked up to be since online sales account for only about 7% of U.S. retail sales?

Omni-Channel Shopping 

The omni-channel shopping method allows customers the choice of buying merchandise online or a physical store.  Not only is this method better service, but the retailer can have more inventory and provide faster delivery service options.  Fiona Dias, the chief strategy officer at ShopRunnerstates “The promise is there, the potential is there, and when it works, it’s a lovely thing”.  However at the moment, there are only a few retailers implementing this system, because the software is expensive.

Online Shopping

Even though Amazon is dominating online shopping, Walmart, Nordstroms, and Macy’s are working on getting in on the action.  These 3 stores are using their stores to ship products from there stores.  Shipping from their stores has helped with the speed of deliveries and reduce the amount of merchandise that ends up on clearance.  U.S. Chief Executive Bill Simon expressed how Walmart is now filling 10% of their online orders from its stores.

The development of omni-channel shopping has a great deal of support, because all of the online sales increasing are confirming this is the way for retailers to go.  There are several different facets that are developing such as storage lockers in the front of stores, buy online, pickup in store, and reservations of items online, then a 24 hour period to physically get into the store.  Retailers are hoping these options will help not only increase sales, but open up more options in the future.  This information can be located at