Small Business Web Design Mistakes

The marketing and branding of a small business website is vital.  The product or service you are selling on your website needs to be ideal so any visitor can get all of their questions answered correctly.  Having the wrong design or not having a website that is user-friendly could mean the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Common Mistakes

Here are a few mistakes that small business owners can do when it comes time to start putting together a new website.

  1. Take the time to learn your target market.  Instead of putting the primary focus on getting a website posted as fast as possible, take the time to learn who would want to use or buy your service or product.  From there you will be able to think of a better design.
  2. A web design that is too flashy or busy.  The goal for the ideal website is for visitors to be able to find what they are seeking within three minutes.  Also, you will need to take into consideration visitors that use their mobile devices to view websites.  A busy website will be too hard to view.
  3. What do customers do next?  Many websites are informative, but there is no direction.  A website needs to tell the customer where to go next if they want the service or product.  Purchasing the product or service, contact us, or subscribe to a newsletter?  Have a destination for your potential customers.
  4. Do homework before hiring someone to design a small business website.  Have an idea of a budget and understand you get what you pay for.  If you pay very little for your site, you might expect just that.
  5. Don’t get complacent.  Your site needs to have fresh content and have weekly changes.  When a website stays the same for long periods of time, people get bored and lose interest.


To avoid these common mistakes always take your time and realize that rushing and doing to many things yourself can be harmful.  A good website is put together in time and it has all of the necessary research completed to ensure the site is fluid and functioning.