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Search market plateau continues; Yahoo! in decline

The latest results from the comScore’s February search market share numbers reveal changes in the search engine market. Bing and Google showed gains while Yahoo! lost market share. While this isn’t the official comScore release, the following data shows the changes for February: Google: 66.4 percent (vs. 65.4 percent a year ago) Bing: 15.3 percent

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Microsoft Joins the BlackBerry to develop a Smarter Smartphone

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced yesterday at a conference in Orlando, Florida that come this fall the creative minds behind (RIM) Research in Motion would launch the Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930. As the newest and smallest phones to date, both 9900 and 9930 come equipped with the browser platform BlackBerry 7, and with Microsoft

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Eye Tracking Study Shows Paid Online Ads Get Nary a Glance

Recently, User Centric, a consulting firm that focuses on improving users’ experience, conducted an eye tracking study to compare the amount and distribution of attention spent on Bing and Google search results pages. Participants in the study included 24 “experienced users” of both Google and Bing, all between 18 and 54 years old. Each performed

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Is Bing Better Search Engine Than Google?

According to Hitwise, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, now has close to 30 percent of the search engine market and is gaining on Google. In January alone, Bing’s share increased by 6 percent. To what can this increase be attributed? Is Bing the better search engine? According to Hitwise Google’s “success rate” ? the percentage of

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Bing’s Yusuf Mehdi Sounds Off About Google’s Accusations

In recent days, Google accused Bing of copying its search results, which has set off yet another Microsoft versus Google debate. Bing executive Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, blogged about the accusation, remarking that, “We do not copy results from any of our competitors. Period. Full stop.” In the same

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Yahoo Powered by Bing

Yahoo and Microsoft start the public phase of their huge search deal from last year. Starting this week, Yahoo searches will be “Powered by Bing.” Under that deal between those two companies, Microsoft provides the back-end crawling, listing, and ranking technologies that generate search results, while Yahoo is responsible for presenting those results on search

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Search Engine Market Share July 2010

Last month Yahoo lost, Google and Bing gained visitors. To learn more visit Search Engine Market Share page.

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Web Designer’s Journal: Simplicity in Web Design

Recently, Google decided to show on its homepage colorful pictures as a background. Just like Bing does. A negative respond of the Internet was on an enormous scale. I was browsing many sites and I didn’t find any positive comment about a new (stolen from Bing) Google’s idea. What people love about Google is simplicity

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iPhone 4 Features

A new next generation Smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 4 has over 100 new features. However among those new elements we can find 7 the most excited aspects of iPhone4. Pricing and Colors. The iPhone 4 will be available in two colors black and white. The 16GB model of iPhone 4 will cost $199 and

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Search Engine Market Share is changing, so SEO

Since Google dominates the search market, many SEO experts stopped optimizing their sites for other engines. That can change when the Bing-Yahoo integration happens. It can happen that Bing will get up to 30 percent of the search engine market. Based on current search market share statistics, if Microsoft’s Bing search technology starts generating results

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