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Google Commands Smartphone Market Share

According to the April 1 blog at blogs.forbes.com, Google is now in command of approximately one third of the smartphone market. According to new data from ComScore, phones based on Google Android accounted for 33% of the U.S. smart phone market, as of the end of February. Other contenders include Apple, with a market share

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Google Launches Google +1

According to the posting at the independent technology blog, VentureBeat, by Peter Yared, that appeared on March 30th at nytimes.com, “Google: +1 on Search Links, – 1 on Ad Clicks”, Google has launched its ‘+1 social initiative’. Yared comments that the Google +1 implementation, which allows people to recommend individual items within search results, could

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Google Chrome increases more than speed, as user access reaches 160 million

With new programs like speech recognition, language translation and a lightning fast browser, it is no mystery why Google is seeing nearly double the amount of users on its site. The company reported 160 million users at this year’s conference held in San Francisco, quite an increase up from the previous year of only 70

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Google Voice

The conflict between Google, Apple and AT&T about Google Voice remains unresolved, the app for calling service from Google is still not available on the iPhone. However, as it was announced few weeks ago by Vic Gundotra, Google brings Google Voice to the iPhone “one way or the other!” Mr. Paquet , senior product manager

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Three More African Countries Now Have Gmail SMS

Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi now have Gmail SMS chat functionality. The Gmail SMS functionality enables worldwide communication with fellow Gtalk chat users ? even if they’re away from their computer. Gmail users can send and receive SMS messages for free, while non-Gmail users must pay normal texting charges. The mobile carriers providing the service include

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Google Adds New Type of Instant Previews to Search Results

Google has added a new type of instant previews to Google search results. These previews are designed specifically for video results. The video instant previews show you several frames from a video and may even play the video preview when you mouse over the thumbnail image. How does it work? Search Google or Google Video

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Eye Tracking Study Shows Paid Online Ads Get Nary a Glance

Recently, User Centric, a consulting firm that focuses on improving users’ experience, conducted an eye tracking study to compare the amount and distribution of attention spent on Bing and Google search results pages. Participants in the study included 24 “experienced users” of both Google and Bing, all between 18 and 54 years old. Each performed

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Google Acquires Beat That Quote

Google purchased BeatThatQuote.com, a United Kingdom price comparison site, for nearly 38 million pounds. In discussing the sale, John Paleomylites, Beat That Quote managing director was quoted as saying: ?We think this deal is a tremendous opportunity for our company to develop new and innovative options for personal finance in the UK. Our team is

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Google Announces Algorithm Change

Late last week, Google announced it had made a major change to its algorithm so as to improve the rankings of high-quality web sites in its search results. This change was made in an effort to also reduce the visibility of low-quality sites. Although Google did not say so directly, the change might appear to

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Rich Snippets

The semantic Web is getting more and more attention, partially because of Google, which is using rich snippets to identify related information and position it consequently on the SERPs. Accurate use of rich snippets improves websites’ visibility in a search engine. This week Google is introducing a recipe search engine which will wildly use rich

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