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Google Continues to Expand It’s Empire

This week, Google has announced that it is now available on 40 top-level country domains, and is now available in more than 130 countries and over 60 languages. This allows Google to receive even more international attention, and the interface is now customizable to suit anyone from anywhere. Google has also announced that their Street

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Google Adds to Their Empire: Google Plus

Recently Google has added to their ever expanding internet empire with their new social networking site, Google Plus. Google Plus is said to be everything that Facebook isn’t. The most talked about feature is the Google Plus Circles. You can post updates, videos, and pictures to a certain “circle” of friends, or to everyone. This

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Nowadays SEO is necessary part of for your business advertising strategy,

So, after you let that sink in a bit, let’s talk. How many clicks is your website getting? Where does your business rank in search results? Given the data, there is a large incentive for businesses to optimize their page in order to boost search rankings. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a tool for

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Google Plus App for iPhone

Google Plus has been available on the Android marketplace since launch of this Social Networking Site. Today Apple has finally approved the native Google+ app for iOS devices. The Google Plus app is free and it is compatible only with iPhones (iPad version is not ready yet).

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The New Social Networking Phenomenon, Google Plus

Google Plus is something that has been talked about, but never experienced for awhile now. But over the last few months, Google has made their promising social networking site available by invite only. This created a mass scramble for invites, and everyone was looking to get in on “the next facebook”. Now, there are over

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Google+ user base seeing pink

Google+, an upcoming social network, has women catching up with their male counterparts. The percentage of women users registering jumped from 23% on July 4th to 33% on July 14th. It is predicted by Paul Allen, founder of Ancestry.com, that Google+’s female population may surpass that of business social network LinkedIn come August. LinkedIn’s staistics,

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How to run a profitable website

f you’ve ever asked who can a website make money? The answer involved two simple methods, both of which will be discussed in this article. Aligning your site with an affiliate program with a larger retailer or connecting with Pay per Click systems used commonly through Google and other similar website advertisers. Both are viable

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Tracking sources of traffic with Google Analytics

The most efficient way of tracking traffic from referring sites via Google Analytics is by tagging the traffic with specific variables that are recognized by Google Analytics. All you have to do is attach those three variables to the URL: utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign. For example: http://www.royaldeerdesign.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cost-per-click& utm_campaign=June2011 Google provides even a tool URL Builder

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For $20 bucks a month, Google is allowing consumers to rent laptop computers that run its Chrome OS operative system. A senior executive from Google told Forbes that the Chrome OS does away with local storage and applications and uses the web browser instead. Students will be able to take advantage of the $20 per

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Introducing the New Google Team

Larry Page, the new CEO of Google, recently promoted six individuals from executives to vice president status. The new six divisions are an attempt at making Google less of a bureaucracy, and more of an innovator. The newest senior vice president additions include Susan Wojcicki, Alan Eustace, Sundar Pichai, Salar Kamangar, Andy Rubin, and Vic

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