Google Adds to Their Empire: Google Plus

Recently Google has added to their ever expanding internet empire with their new social networking site, Google Plus. Google Plus is said to be everything that Facebook isn’t. The most talked about feature is the Google Plus Circles. You can post updates, videos, and pictures to a certain “circle” of friends, or to everyone. This is highly desirable by many because it allows you to separate your work and personal life if you choose

Google+ now has over 20 Million users, and thats only in three weeks. To add to the staggering number is the fact that all of those people were by invite only. While Google+ was in beta, users were only allowed to use the site if they were invited by a current member.

The only launch that came close to Google+s’ numbers were Twitter’s back in 2009, and that was over a few month time span. Google+ is expected to grow dramatically over the next few months, and Google hasn’t even marketed the site to their Billion plus search engine users.