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Google Changes Search Algorithm, Mobile-Friendly Sites Get Priority

If you need any proof that mobile is the way of the future, look no further than Google’s mobile-friendly update to search algorithms. With this new release, mobile-friendly sites will be given higher priority and rankings than their non-mobile-friendly counterparts. According to Google, “…we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

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Google Improves Your Video Viewing Experience with VP9

If you’ve been frustrated with low quality YouTube videos, help is on the way. Google announced they will start encoding YouTube videos in VP9, an open source video coding software, developed by Google. VP9 provides quality streaming, including HD and 4K videos, at half the bandwidth. With video comprising over half of all internet traffic,

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GoDaddy’s New Acquisition – Media Temple

In less than two years, GoDaddy has made its 6th purchase. A hosting company by the name Media Temple is GoDaddy’s next venture. Media Temple is well known for hosting very large websites for Volkswagen and The Wall Street Journal. Media Temple also has over 125,000 customers and hosts more than 1.5 million websites. GoDaddy’s

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Google’s Penguin 5

Google recently released its new version of Penguin 2.1 on October 4, 2013. This release would make it the 5th release of Penguin. What does all of this information mean? 1% of the searches will be impacted. The interesting part about all of the Penguin updates is all of the previous releases of Penguin prior

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Youtube Can Help With Your SEO Too!

Youtube is famous for being the website to go check out free videos for almost anything.  Most people do not realize that Youtube can also be a SEO force that will really help promote your business or website if you follow ten tips that truly will get you further in your marketing and promotion.

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Yahoo Versus Google

Millions of Internet users are familiar with Yahoo and Google because of all of the features each of these sites utilize.  However, most would be very surprised to hear that Yahoo is once again the leader of the pack.  Yahoo has a very strong CEO with a voice that is grabbing attention right and left. 

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Google’s $10 Billion Tax Free Revenue Has Many Up In Arms

Google has a reputation around the world for being the leading search engine, and perhaps global company, that’s always on the cusp of the latest digital technology. However, recently the company has been scrutinized for their decision to place about $10 billion in revenue in a Bermuda shell corporation in an effort to avoid nearly

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Gmail Outage Disrupts Businesses Monday

For millions of employees and employers Monday morning brought along some additional stress as Gmail experienced a brief outage, causing various businesses emails to become debilitated. Though the disruption affected personal Gmail accounts as well, those most affected were businesses whose workday was disrupted due to such an inconvenience. Google noted this issue as a

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Apple tries a new map strategy; will it work?

Apple’s goal of providing the best product on the market has been evident in their sales records and product popularity. So, what’s the deal with its change in Maps with iOS6? Could the choice to pull out of a deal with Google have unspoken intentions? Previously, maps on Apple’s products were provided by Google. When

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Data shows consumers less interested in computers

According to trend reports from Google, fewer people are curious about computers these days. In the days of new gagets and gizmos, this factoid seems shocking. But it’s true. According to Google’ search trend data, the line has decreased since 2004 in the number of searches for computer and electronics related terms, e.g. mac, windows,

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