Yahoo Versus Google

Millions of Internet users are familiar with Yahoo and Google because of all of the features each of these sites utilize.  However, most would be very surprised to hear that Yahoo is once again the leader of the pack.  Yahoo has a very strong CEO with a voice that is grabbing attention right and left.  Marissa Mayer is taking the aged Internet power house and making Yahoo a force to be reckoned with.

Yahoo Strong Stability 

An interesting fact about Yahoo is that the site was never really that far behind Google at any point in time.  The two powerhouse sites have always been close in terms of traffic.  In July, 197 million people visited the Yahoo with a strong second place going to Google with 192 million people visiting during the same time period.  Yahoo’s decision to appoint Marissa Mayer as the CEO has been a great one, because she has been able to grab headlines right and left for Yahoo.

Where Did This Boost Come From? 

If one was to review Yahoo’s traffic for 2013, the traffic is going to demonstrate Yahoo was never very far behind.  Even before Mayer came on as the chief executive, Yahoo’s traffic was holding on in the ranking.

The most important category to focus on was making sure mobile devices were paid close attention too.  Mayer made a bold decision to give $200 million dollars to the development of mobile apps and making sure every mobile user would have a friendly experience with Yahoo.

Revamping the Yahoo experience to make it even better than before.  Mayer’s first huge makeover was Yahoo Mail in December.  Right after Yahoo Mail got a makeover, next came the home page of Yahoo was also re-designed.  Improving and re-designing Yahoo’s sites make a huge difference. is going to be a very exciting website to watch over the next year with all of the amazing improvements, and the apps are going to be even better.  With Mayer on board each person following the improvements of Yahoo is going to be pleasantly surprised with her innovative spirit and her passion to make Yahoo be a huge success.