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Yahoo Versus Google

Millions of Internet users are familiar with Yahoo and Google because of all of the features each of these sites utilize.  However, most would be very surprised to hear that Yahoo is once again the leader of the pack.  Yahoo has a very strong CEO with a voice that is grabbing attention right and left. 

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Yahoo!’s recent sale to benefit investors

Yahoo! recently sold its shares in the Chinese enterprise, Alibaba, for $7.6 billion. After taxes, the take- home funds will be around $4.3 billion. Great news for investors in Yahoo!: the after tax monies, around $3.65 billion, will be funneled back to the company?s shareholders. Yahoo!’s investments in Alibaba totaled a 40% stake in the

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Search market plateau continues; Yahoo! in decline

The latest results from the comScore’s February search market share numbers reveal changes in the search engine market. Bing and Google showed gains while Yahoo! lost market share. While this isn’t the official comScore release, the following data shows the changes for February: Google: 66.4 percent (vs. 65.4 percent a year ago) Bing: 15.3 percent

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President Obama Meets with Technology’s Major Players

Following President Obama’s statement that he wants to encourage American businesses to invest more money in innovation, venture capitalist John Doerr hosted a meeting in California Thursday with technology’s major players, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs, despite media reports that his health had taken a

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The death of e-mail?

Because of real time messaging, live chats, texting and Facebook (four billion messages daily) we send less e-mails than few years ago. According to data from comScore, the number of visitors using major e-mail sites like Yahoo and Hotmail is in steady decline. The only winner in that category is Gmail. Amount of Gmail users

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Yahoo will not shut down, but sell Delicious

Delicious was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. It is a website which allows users to share web bookmarks and discover new interesting websites. According to a recent blog post by Yahoo, Delicious was not a strategic fit for the company. However, Delicious will not be shutting down. Yahoo will try to sell the website.

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YouTube more popular than Yahoo

According to Alexa Rankings, YouTube has just passed Yahoo! for the third spot of the most visited websites. Numbers one belong to Google, number two belongs to Facebook. While Alexa is known as a indicator of worldwide website popularity, we recommend to read our post why Alexa Ranking is useless.

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Yahoo Powered by Bing

Yahoo and Microsoft start the public phase of their huge search deal from last year. Starting this week, Yahoo searches will be “Powered by Bing.” Under that deal between those two companies, Microsoft provides the back-end crawling, listing, and ranking technologies that generate search results, while Yahoo is responsible for presenting those results on search

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Search Engine Market Share July 2010

Last month Yahoo lost, Google and Bing gained visitors. To learn more visit Search Engine Market Share page.

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Search Engine Market Share June 2010

Search Engine Market Share for June 2010 shows that Google is constantly improving its position, also Yahoo and Bing are moving slowly up. We can see there is less and less space for other search engines. So, for SEO experts there is no any news, Google is still a leader with 84.96% and it is

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