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iPhone 4 Features

A new next generation Smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 4 has over 100 new features. However among those new elements we can find 7 the most excited aspects of iPhone4. Pricing and Colors. The iPhone 4 will be available in two colors black and white. The 16GB model of iPhone 4 will cost $199 and

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Search Engine Market Share is changing, so SEO

Since Google dominates the search market, many SEO experts stopped optimizing their sites for other engines. That can change when the Bing-Yahoo integration happens. It can happen that Bing will get up to 30 percent of the search engine market. Based on current search market share statistics, if Microsoft’s Bing search technology starts generating results

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Search Engine Market Share for April 2010

We updated statistics of Search Engine Market Share. We can see Google has 86.30% search engine market share, it is grow from last month when Google has 85.75%.

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Yahoo E-Mail Accounts Hacked in China

The Yahoo e-mail accounts of eight foreign journalists working in Taiwan and China have been hacked. “We have confirmed eight cases in which journalists in China and Taiwan have had their e-mail accounts hacked in recent weeks, with several accounts disabled by Yahoo on March 25,” the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of China.

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The search market

According to the latest data from comScore about the US search market in February: Bing had 11.5% of the search market (up from 11.3% in January), Yahoo’s had 16.8% (slipped from 17.0% in January), Google search growth to 65.5% in February from 65.4% the month prior.

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Most popular websites in Internet

Web analytics firm Compete released data for the top 50 websites in the U.S. Most shopping sites recorded a large drop in unique visitors since December 2009, tax services and travel sites are seeing very high growth rates. A complete list of top 50 websites you can find here. Below a list of top 10

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Google, Facebook, then Yahoo

New data released by web analytics firm Compete.com shows that Facebook is the second most visited website in U.S. Google is still number one, third place belongs to Yahoo. Facebook’s traffic rose in January 2010 to 133.62 million visitors, Yahoo shrunk down to 132.00 million. Google’s US traffic grew by over 1 million visitors between

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Facebook versus Google

Facebook is driving more traffic than Google. Information from online media shows that in December 2009, 13% of the traffic to major internet portals like MSN , Yahoo and AOL came from Facebook. Traffic from Google generates only 7 percent, while eBay generates 7.6 percent.

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Job Search Websites

Monster Worldwide (the owner of monster.com) had agreed to buy Yahoo’s HotJobs site for $225 million. After this deal, Monster has only one major competitor careerbuilder.com. Monster controls about one-third of online jobs postings in the US. Under the terms of the deal, Monster Worldwide is going to pay Yahoo $20 million to $31 million

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Bing has 10.7 percent of the market

According to a report prepared by comScore, Bing (the new web search engine from Microsoft) has reached last month (December 2009) 10.7 percent of the U.S. search engine market. It is up 0.4 percentage points from November 2009. Google is attracting 65.7 percent of searches, it is up 0.1 percentage points from November 2009. Yahoo’s

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