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Twitter Releases Official WordPress Plugin

If you are ready to grow your audience on Twitter’s social media platform, we have good news. The official release of a Twitter plugin for WordPress is now available. The installable package is ready for sites running WordPress, allowing users the ability to easily connect with the social network. Some of the functionality included with

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Is Twitter Capable Of Everything?

It seems as though Twitter can not only keep the entire world up to date with the latest breaking news, but Twitter is now offering a music application for it’s users. This application is going to be huge for music artists trying to break into the industry.

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Study Shows Consumers Spending More Time on Social Media Than Ever Before

A recent study revealed that the majority of time spent online is now predominately spent accessing social media websites. Nielsen noted that there was a 37% increase in time spent on social media websites this past year. Among those who use home computers 20% of time spent online was spent accessing social media sites, and

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Solving the problem of relief inefficiency

In times of crisis and humanitarian need, those who are able often want to help. Many times however, volunteer efforts are disorganized, and sometimes help doesn’t reach those who need it. Hurricane Sandy is a recent example of this imbalance in our society. One blogger, wrote about his experience offering assistance at a church. He

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Twitter advice from a journalist turned social media guru

Less than three months ago, Mark Luckie left The Washington Post to become Twitter’s journalism and news manager. One of his first tasks was to work with Twitter’s Platforms and Analytics team to study tweets by journalists and other news media. Their findings may surprise you. What tweet types lead to retweets? What tweet behaviors

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How to use social media to increase your profits

You probably already have a Facebook account right? You may have even checked it today to see if your friend had her baby or to drool over your buddy’s vacation. You know the definition of a tweet and +1, but do you really know how to use social media to help your business? This article

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Social Media Advertising For the Novice User

Depending on your experience with social media, the thought of using it for advertising your business might be a scary topic. Unlike traditional advertising methods, social media puts a lot of trust and responsibility in the hands of the consumer. By using this medium wisely, social media can be the catalyst for growth in sales.

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Google Adds to Their Empire: Google Plus

Recently Google has added to their ever expanding internet empire with their new social networking site, Google Plus. Google Plus is said to be everything that Facebook isn’t. The most talked about feature is the Google Plus Circles. You can post updates, videos, and pictures to a certain “circle” of friends, or to everyone. This

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To the TWEETER go the spoils

Twitter, the social networking phenomonm has been in negotiations over past year to acquire TweetDeck.com the innovative bowser that keeps all your all your social media efforts on one page, making it easy to tweet like pro with your finger on the pulse. As of Monday, May 2 Twitter solidified the deal to the chirp

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Social Media Doesn’t Drive Most Web Traffic

Most website traffic is impacted very little by social media, according to new research released by ForeSee Results. On average, fewer than 1% of website visits originate directly from a social media URL. This may mean the direct impact of social media is minimal, and that the true value of social media cannot be quantified

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