How to use social media to increase your profits


You probably already have a Facebook account right? You may have even checked it today to see if your friend had her baby or to drool over your buddy’s vacation. You know the definition of a tweet and +1, but do you really know how to use social media to help your business? This article will give you four introductory ways to use social media for increasing your profits.

1. Make your name known

If you’re like most people, you prefer doing business with someone you know. It’s nice to say your insurance agent is Chris, who’s name (not just business) is in your contacts list.

It’s the same for your customers. In addition to your personal account, make profiles for your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Make friends, join networks. With these accounts in addition to your small business website, you’re on your way to getting your name known.

2. Get chatty!

It’s a given that just having an account won’t get you the quantity and quality of business you seek. You’ll need to settle in and get comfortable. Post or tweet on your pages multiple times each week. Don’t get greedy, though. Try to make only one out of every 5 posts self-promotional. Other updates need to include content in which your readers are interested: news, events, deals, Q&A, etc.

3. Mind your manners

Think of social networking like your old time southern town, complete with nosy neighbors and welcoming committee. Remember your manners and you’ll do just fine. For example, if someone follows you, thank them. If they share or retweet your post, do the same for them when you can. If someone says something nice about you, say something nice back about them. And if a “friend” reaches out to you by writing on your Facebook wall or sending you a message via LinkedIn or Twitter, get back to them. Tie into your message how your business can meet their needs or help with their concerns.

4. Popularity points

One of the nice aspects of social media marketing is the ability to keep tabs on your popularity status. There are websites such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite out there that will allow you to control multiple accounts from one page. You can get weekly (or really, however often you like) updates on which posts are most popular- which content is getting interaction from potential customers.

If you happen to see some negative posts about your business, you can address them before they go viral. Communicate with the disgruntled poster and work toward providing a better experience with your business.