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Study Shows Consumers Spending More Time on Social Media Than Ever Before

A recent study revealed that the majority of time spent online is now predominately spent accessing social media websites. Nielsen noted that there was a 37% increase in time spent on social media websites this past year. Among those who use home computers 20% of time spent online was spent accessing social media sites, and

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How to use social media to increase your profits

You probably already have a Facebook account right? You may have even checked it today to see if your friend had her baby or to drool over your buddy’s vacation. You know the definition of a tweet and +1, but do you really know how to use social media to help your business? This article

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Social Media Advertising For the Novice User

Depending on your experience with social media, the thought of using it for advertising your business might be a scary topic. Unlike traditional advertising methods, social media puts a lot of trust and responsibility in the hands of the consumer. By using this medium wisely, social media can be the catalyst for growth in sales.

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Google+ user base seeing pink

Google+, an upcoming social network, has women catching up with their male counterparts. The percentage of women users registering jumped from 23% on July 4th to 33% on July 14th. It is predicted by Paul Allen, founder of Ancestry.com, that Google+’s female population may surpass that of business social network LinkedIn come August. LinkedIn’s staistics,

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LinkedIn Worth Billions

LinkedIn, a rapidly growing professional networking site with over 100 million members is now worth more than 8.9 billion dollars. Opening at $83 dollars per share on the New York stock exchange, up 84% from the company’s initial public offer of $45 per share. Jeff Weiner, CEO, was quoted as saying, “This isn’t necessarily indicative

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LinkedIn: 100 Million Members and Counting

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn now boasts 100 million users, as of today. The professional social network is used in over 200 countries. 44 million members reside in the United Sates, while another 56 million hail from around the rest of the world, with Mexico and Brazil seeing the largest growth rates. Some statistics: there are

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