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GoDaddy’s New Acquisition – Media Temple

In less than two years, GoDaddy has made its 6th purchase. A hosting company by the name Media Temple is GoDaddy’s next venture. Media Temple is well known for hosting very large websites for Volkswagen and The Wall Street Journal. Media Temple also has over 125,000 customers and hosts more than 1.5 million websites. GoDaddy’s

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How Social Media Lists Can Help Boost Your Business

It’s no surprise that businesses are using social media more than ever to help increase their reach within a given market. However, how these businesses choose to utilize their social media sites can determine whether their usage proves to be successful or not. The key to many of these social media success stories seems to

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2013’s Upcoming Social Media Trends

We all know that the social media world has taken off in recent months. However, since the introduction of the tweet and hashtag there have been various changes and advances in how social media is viewed and used around the world. So what changes and updates will be made to the social media front in

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Study Shows Consumers Spending More Time on Social Media Than Ever Before

A recent study revealed that the majority of time spent online is now predominately spent accessing social media websites. Nielsen noted that there was a 37% increase in time spent on social media websites this past year. Among those who use home computers 20% of time spent online was spent accessing social media sites, and

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Hacking Pin It Button

Pinterest offers a user friendly Pin It button generator. Unfortunately, they don’t really let web developers to modify the look of it. It is getting problematic in a situation when we insert few social media buttons horizontally next to each other and we realize that they have slightly different height. I faced this issue working

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Twitter advice from a journalist turned social media guru

Less than three months ago, Mark Luckie left The Washington Post to become Twitter’s journalism and news manager. One of his first tasks was to work with Twitter’s Platforms and Analytics team to study tweets by journalists and other news media. Their findings may surprise you. What tweet types lead to retweets? What tweet behaviors

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Five ways to increase your website popularity

In the maze of sites that make up today’s Internet, the question for site owners becomes: How do I increase my web presence? Without being too pushy or scaring off potential clients with unwelcome adverts, we’ve found five ways to increase the popularity of your site. Partnering with a company who has a strong reputation

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How to use social media to increase your profits

You probably already have a Facebook account right? You may have even checked it today to see if your friend had her baby or to drool over your buddy’s vacation. You know the definition of a tweet and +1, but do you really know how to use social media to help your business? This article

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Social Media Advertising For the Novice User

Depending on your experience with social media, the thought of using it for advertising your business might be a scary topic. Unlike traditional advertising methods, social media puts a lot of trust and responsibility in the hands of the consumer. By using this medium wisely, social media can be the catalyst for growth in sales.

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