To the TWEETER go the spoils

Twitter, the social networking phenomonm has been in negotiations over past year to acquire the innovative bowser that keeps all your all your social media efforts on one page, making it easy to tweet like pro with your finger on the pulse. As of Monday, May 2 Twitter solidified the deal to the chirp of 50 million dollars.

In what was assumed to have been a done deal back in February, Bill Gross the founder of UberMedia took his 25 million dollar offer from the table. In what many consider an act of desperation, the folks at twitter realized that UberMedia was Stacking the deck high as they strategically bought up several app interfaces geared specifically towards Twitter users further straining the already tense relationship.

What some say was 21 million dollar overbid, was merely Twitter’s back up against the wall, in the new age of technology where everyone has a webpage, LinkedIn, profile and Facebook in was only a matter of time before Twitter’s efforts to remain an independent force would have crumbled. AT least we know what 140 characters are worth these days