How to run a profitable website

f you’ve ever asked who can a website make money? The answer involved two simple methods, both of which will be discussed in this article. Aligning your site with an affiliate program with a larger retailer or connecting with Pay per Click systems used commonly through Google and other similar website advertisers. Both are viable and easy methods on generating money to your site.

How it works:

Affiliate Programs

Large retail companies like Amazon or Ebay place banner ads on your site and every time someone visiting clicks on the banner ad, your website is given a credit that results in a small fee. These fees vary with each deal and each website.

This program can be slow and tedious usually paying only pennies per click. It is also very easy to involve your site in these programs as it works to both of your advantage.

Pay per Click

These programs are also very user friendly and easy to sign up your site. The most common is Google’s Adsense and its companion Adwords. Pay to click displays plain text advertisements on your site and pays a small fee if someone follows through with a click on the ad.

Both of these methods of making money from your website, require that your site have a high volume of consistent visitors. Once you reach a happy medium of consistent viewers to your site and partnerships that generate advertising dollars, you have reached your goal of making money from your website.