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The Most Common Startup Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A website serves as the online presence for your business, and for a startup a website is often the first opportunity your customers have to learn about who you are and what you have to offer. Someone who visits your website should immediately understand your business and the product or service you deliver. Unfortunately, too

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The Art of Minimalist Web Design

Reducing the design of a website can achieve minimalism, and make the website become nothing more than the barest elements.  However, doing this difficult task can also be intimidating and for some very hard to master.

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WordPress releases “Parker” for 3.8

In honor of Charlie Parker, a bebop innovator the new version 3.8 of WordPress is now available for downloading or updating your current WordPress dashboard.  One of the main new features about the new update is the great looking new modern design.  No more overbearing gradients or multiple shades of grey, but instead bigger, bolder, and

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GoDaddy’s New Acquisition – Media Temple

In less than two years, GoDaddy has made its 6th purchase. A hosting company by the name Media Temple is GoDaddy’s next venture. Media Temple is well known for hosting very large websites for Volkswagen and The Wall Street Journal. Media Temple also has over 125,000 customers and hosts more than 1.5 million websites. GoDaddy’s

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Google’s Penguin 5

Google recently released its new version of Penguin 2.1 on October 4, 2013. This release would make it the 5th release of Penguin. What does all of this information mean? 1% of the searches will be impacted. The interesting part about all of the Penguin updates is all of the previous releases of Penguin prior

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The Popularity Of HTML5

HTML5 provides a great example of how so many of the companies listed in The Fortune 500 aren’t necessarily the innovators when it comes to their design.  Analyzing how these huge companies are currently designing their digital assets will be essential in finding out the trends that are working for all of these companies.

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Shared And VPS Hosting – What Is The Difference?

Individual business owners and start up companies now getting a better selection of hosting options as both the technology industry and consumer demands are rapidly changing for the better. Better packages for hosting options are now letting the consumer decide which package is best for their business.

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Why You Might Want to Refrain From Posting Negative Yelp Reviews

A recent NPR article exposed the details of a current lawsuit involving a negative Yelp review. The $750,000 lawsuit stemmed from a dissatisfied customer, Jane Perez, who wrote a negative Yelp review about her hired construction company, Dietz’s company, Dietz Development LLC. In the review Perez explained how dissatisfied she was with the service and

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Dice’s $20 Million News Aggregator Purchase

Why would a site for job listings in the tech industry purchase $20 million in news aggregator sites? This is a question many are asking after Dice acquired Slashdot and two other news aggregator sites from Geeknet, Inc. in September. What is Slashdot? Site displays a continually- running feed of news and questions submitted by

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6 ways to achieve success with your product launch

Picture this: You want to release new features to your customers, and you decide to order the CDs from your local supplier. No! In the days of cloud computing, this is no longer necessary. Now, these features can be launched into the cloud and consumed by your clients as needed. No longer are we dependent

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