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Website copyright: What’s yours is whose?

Popularity and increased use of the Internet has brought many wonderful benefits. The availability of information at speeds often more quick than our brains can transition is sometimes hard to wrap our heads around. In this age of advancement, the question of copyright is an obvious one. Once you put your words out there for

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10 strategies to increase website traffic

You’ve created your website, and it’s beautiful. You’ve posted it on Facebook, tweeted it to all your followers, emailed your contact list, and called every family member. Now, you’re sitting back waiting for the stats to show millions of page views. But, it’s not happening. Why not? Are you promoting your website in the best

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Maximizing a website’s earning potential

In the era of the World Wide Web, nothing speaks more about a company than its website. Economic hardship, access to unlimited web resources, and market overflow has revolutionized how we spend. Consumers relay on the web to learn about companies? services and product prices, availability, and quality. With increased frequency, purchasing decisions are based

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When do-it-yourself is the bad choice: 5 items small business owners should invest in

Small business owners as a group are often prioritizing expenses to determine which options fit into the budget and which don’t. We try to do many things ourselves in order to save funds and improve our bottom line. However, there are some things in which an investment is a good idea. Otherwise you run the

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The Key Elements of a Successful Landing Page

In today’s world it is incredibly important that all businesses and brands have a strong, effective landing page to drive customer interaction and ultimately help a company/brand succeed. However, not every company realizes that there are important rules that need to be followed in order to ensure a profit is gained. Often times, it is

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Q&A for an effective online presence

Your domain and the keywords you use help your customers and potential clients find you online. Be sure to choose keywords relevant to your business, and use them in your domain name, article titles, article subtitles, any descriptions, and the content of your site. If you’re not sure whether your keywords are relevant, use Google

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5 steps to improve your website

If you count the hats you wear everyday, what would that number be? Petty large, huh? Of course it is- small business owners are known for being busy. You have a business to manage, an internet presence including social media to maintain, you likely have a number of customers (physical and virtual) to serve, possibly

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How to win grant funding to build a website

Step by step guide how win grant funding to build a website. 1) Develop your project idea Of course, you have an idea in mind for your website, but the question is… Is your idea unique? Only those ideas that stand out in a crowd will get the attention of funding agencies. Some of the

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How to write a terms and conditions page for your website

Does your website offer pricing information, advice, or another related service? If so, consider including a terms and conditions page. Why? Inclusion of this type of page absolves you of responsibility for those who use the information you provide for the wrong reasons, or if they decide you are responsible for damages incurred while using

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SSL Certificate 101

Does your small business take in private information such as contact information or payment that needs to be secure? If so, you are in need of SSL on your small business website. SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology originally created by Netscape. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web

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