The Key Elements of a Successful Landing Page

In today’s world it is incredibly important that all businesses and brands have a strong, effective landing page to drive customer interaction and ultimately help a company/brand succeed. However, not every company realizes that there are important rules that need to be followed in order to ensure a profit is gained. Often times, it is when these rules are followed that a businesses income heightened and their goals are obtained.


When creating a landing page the first thing to ensure is that the message conveyed on your landing page matches that of any other message you have put out there already. For instance, it is incredibly important that the message you have placed on your advertisements mirror those on your landing page. Now, this message doesn’t have to be verbatim it just has to express the same idea. Use similar language, images, and graphics across a given campaign or product to do this. A bounce rate can be reduced when the messages are similar as consumers are given validation that they are in fact on the correct page.

Make sure to never forget your goal: to sell a product or service. That is the ultimate reason for creating this landing page in the first place so make sure that the consumer knows this. If you are trying to sell a product make it clear where they should click to order it. If you want them to call a number for more information make that number one of the main focal points of your page. Consumers don’t like wasting time and will quickly leave your page if they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for. Make sure all language is short and to the point. Vary your sentence length and use bullets when you can. Consumers don’t want to have to read word for word, so guarantee that they can understand your page’s message by quickly scanning the page. Another helpful tip is to make sure that your most important copy, images, and call-to-actions are prominent and located in the upper portion of your page. The user should not have the scroll in order to understand your main message.

Visually, a landing page should be appealing but only contain what is absolutely necessary. Do not clutter and overfill your page with various design elements. It is important to have a nicely designed page, however, it is equally important that page is not overdesigned and does not confuse and overwhelm the reader.

Overall, after visiting your landing page a consumer should feel good. By using these helpful tips you can ensure that your target will know exactly what you want and how they can get there upon viewing your landing page for the first time. Remember, the goal is to sell a product or service so make sure that this is clear at all times.