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Hacking Pin It Button

Pinterest offers a user friendly Pin It button generator. Unfortunately, they don’t really let web developers to modify the look of it. It is getting problematic in a situation when we insert few social media buttons horizontally next to each other and we realize that they have slightly different height. I faced this issue working

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Alternatives to CAPTCHA

Spam from contact forms located on websites is a huge problem, and the only way to solve this issue it used to be putting a CAPTCHA. However, this solution has a very bad impact on conversion rate. There are studies which show that the company could lose out on 3.2% of all their conversions when

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Javascript Change Font Size

We are working on a website with a dynamic font size functionality. Do you know that this so useful functionality costs only two lines of code? If you consider the need of people to see larger fonts on your website you can use JavaScript code crated by our web developer. Change Font Size with Javascript

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Website loading time

According to a new study from Gomez (the company which provides the industry’s leading platform of Web application experience management solutions) customers don’t have a patience for Internet stores, ebanks and travel sites that loads slow, act unsteadily or crash during transaction seasons. The survey shows that 78 percent of consumers go to a competitor’s

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