Website loading time

According to a new study from Gomez (the company which provides the industry’s leading platform of Web application experience management solutions) customers don’t have a patience for Internet stores, ebanks and travel sites that loads slow, act unsteadily or crash during transaction seasons. The survey shows that 78 percent of consumers go to a competitor’s site after disappointing experience with slow-loading pages, errors or transaction problems. 88 percent do not return to a website which performance disappointed them. “People are pretty impatient nowadays and they don’t want to wait, they have other choices,” said Jeff Loeb, vice president of products and solutions marketing at Gomez, a division of Compuware. Below advice from Royal Deer Design, how to keep your website in good shape and how to make it load faster.

Make Your Website Load Faster

-Do you really need this heavy flash animation on your homepage? People with iPhone and blackberry don?t see it anyway, MACs like to crash during displaying flash animations. Consider JavaScript as a platform for a simple animations
– Clean your html/css code
– Decrees an amount of images on your website
– Reduce the size of the images
– Remove Unnecessary Widgets/Scripts/Statistics

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