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Do people shop on phones?

You’re sitting in a coffee shop waiting for your next appointment when you spy the perfect bag on the shoulder of the lady at the counter. You can make out the brand as she turns to check the line behind her. What do you do? You shop mobile, of course. And, you’re not alone. In

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Generate sales leads with mobile

Morgan Stanley Research estimates sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012. As the US grows more mobile, it’s time to reassess how your small business uses this mobile market to increase sales. This article provides three usable techniques for utilizing mobile phones to generate sales leads. In numbers… 420: the estimated number

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Access to technology: easier on the wallet, but can everyone cash in?

Encouraging statistics. The world is becoming more connected (technologically speaking), and trends show we’re paying less for it. High- speed Internet prices have dropped globally more than 50%, and entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) services have seen an average of 18% cost decline compared to 2009 data. ITU released new figures recently showing that

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Your Business MUST Have a Mobile Website

Reach in your pocket, and grab your phone. Can you use it to check the weather? Can you get email on it? Can surf the web? I suppose if you’re reading this blog, you will have answered “Yes!” to all questions. You have an internet- enabled mobile phone. In fact, it is estimated that there

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Gaming Industry Increase 36 Billion in Next 4 Years

The video game industry is expected to explode in the next four years according to the market researcher Gartner. The gaming industry as a whole is expected to grow from $74 billion in 2011, to $112 billion in 2015. This is largely due to the recent increase in online gaming which is expected to grow

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Nokia in USA

Nokia do not sell mobile phones to Americans. Even if Nokia is the world’s largest mobile maker (2 of every 5 cell phones bought last year were Nokias), the brand is almost undetectable in the United States. According to the article about that issue from NYTimes, Nokia cut itself out of the American market through

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App Stores is a billion dollars business

According to the analysts from Gartner (a research firm), mobile application stores are estimated to generate revenues of $7 billion during this year. Last year revenue from mobile applications’ download reached $4.2 billion. The analysts predict that mobile application stores’ will grow and grow, to finally by the end of 2013 make $29.5 billion. So

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