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How does Facebook make money?

Facebook filed its IPO this week and confirmed what many of us already know: Facebook makes most of its money by selling ads on its site. In fact, in 2011, 85% of their revenue was made via advertising; the remaining 15% made by payments and other fees. Compared to Google, which gets 98% of its

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Amazon acquires European movie streaming & rental company Lovefilm

Today, Amazon, America’s largest online retailer, announced it acquired Lovefilm, one of the leading European movie rental services. Prior to the acquisition, Amazon owned a minority share of the company. Exact details of the sale were not disclosed, but reports estimate the value to be between $200 and $270 million. Lovefilm offers similar services to

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Netflix App for iPhone

Netflix thinks about creating an iPhone app which would give users all the same functionality that they have when streaming videos from Netflix on a PC.

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