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Data shows consumers less interested in computers

According to trend reports from Google, fewer people are curious about computers these days. In the days of new gagets and gizmos, this factoid seems shocking. But it’s true. According to Google’ search trend data, the line has decreased since 2004 in the number of searches for computer and electronics related terms, e.g. mac, windows,

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Search Engine Crawling

Search Engines are the organizing kings of the Internet. In the chaos of information, the search engine (whichever you choose) helps you find web sites according to the terms you suggest. Of course, your end is quite simple. The job of the search engine is, in comparison, rather complex. In fact, here are some Google

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Dueling Search Engine Marketing Techniques: SEO vs. PPC

Your website goals include 1) increased traffic, 2) higher rankings in the most popular search engines, and 3) higher conversions. So what’s the best way to go about achieving them? The two main routes to increased traffic and higher rankings are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertizing. As they say, all roads lead

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The shifting SEO paradigm

The amount of SEO knowledge required by site owners and webmasters these days can be intimidating. The number of pages indexed by search engines is near 4 times the number just a few years ago. For your business to be a competitive force in today’s market, how much SEO is enough? How much SEO is

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Why Hiring A Professional SEO Company Is Crucial For Your Website’s Success

So you have a company or product and you want to market it on a website. Great start, however, it?s not always that simple. There are millions of websites out there all selling similar products and services. If you truly want your product or service to stand out and be noticed chances are the best

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Q&A for an effective online presence

Your domain and the keywords you use help your customers and potential clients find you online. Be sure to choose keywords relevant to your business, and use them in your domain name, article titles, article subtitles, any descriptions, and the content of your site. If you’re not sure whether your keywords are relevant, use Google

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AdWords Consultant – Do you need one?

Google AdWords is a pay per click advertising service that lets you create and run ads for your business on the Google network. Your ads are displayed along with search results when your keywords are used in someone’s Google search. They will also appear under ‘Sponsored Links’ in the side column of a search page

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Splash pages: Do you have one? Do you want one?

A splash page is simply an introductory page for your website. This page generally fits into one screenshot (that is, it doesn?t require scrolling), and it typically offers one or two of the following features: graphic or logo, animation or flash movie, choice of how to enter the site (flash/no-flash, etc.), and technical requirements (browser,

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SEO: Underscores vs. dashes in URLs

Google Team released recently a video that clarifies an issue of Underscores vs. dashes in URLs and its impact on SEO. Matt Cutts from Google explains the difference between how Google interprets underscores and dashes in a URL, and tells a history of this issue. The main conclusion of this message is that if you

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A Case for Content Writing Services

Your website is the portal to your business. Not only does it provide potential clients or customers with immediate access to your work, it’s also the face for your company – the first impression for potential clients and competitors alike. In an age of media saturation, where bloggers have an arguably equal effect on politics

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