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[Solved] Removing your IP from the Gmail Blacklist – Step by Step Solution

Being blacklisted by Gmail is relatively easy, especially if you use WordPress and do not worry much about the security of your site. Being listed on a Gmail Blacklist means your emails do not reach Gmail recipients, or your messages (sent via blacklisted server IP) go straight to the Spam folder. Google’s Blacklist is different

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ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled – ACH Payment Canceled Malware Email

If by any chance you receive an email from an address such as ach.01[at]nacha.org and with a subject line “ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled,” be aware this email contains a virus. This email is obviously not from the ACH and it is an attempt by Internet criminals to trick internet users into opening the attached file

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Google War on Spam

Google has, and continues, to take a proactive approach toward spam. According to a post on Google’s official blog on Friday by Matt Cutts, Google’s search quality is presently “better than it has ever been in terms of relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness.” Cutts also reminded users of the following principles which apply to Google search

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Twitter reduces spam

According to a data from Twitter, the website recently significantly reduced spamming activity. On February 2009 only 5% of twitts were spam, on August 2009 more than 9% twitts were spam, on the beginning of 2010 only 1% of twitts are spam. You can read more at blog.twitter.com.

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