ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled – ACH Payment Canceled Malware Email

If by any chance you receive an email from an address such as ach.01[at] and with a subject line “ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled,” be aware this email contains a virus. This email is obviously not from the ACH and it is an attempt by Internet criminals to trick internet users into opening the attached file which contains malware.

Why do we write about this? We have recently experienced few alerts from our email server about this suspicious email. This is also a good opportunity for us to acknowledge how well Gmail (that we use to handle emails) deals with spam.

Below original message Royal Deer Design received from Gmail:

The message “ACH Payment 5535134 Canceled” from ach 01 (ach.01[at] contained a virus or a suspicious attachment. It was therefore not fetched from your account …….[at] and has been left on the server.

If you wish to write to ach, just hit reply and send ach a message.

The Gmail Team