Google Chrome soon to overtake Firefox’s No.2 position?

According to StatCounter, an Irish Analytics company, Google Chrome is gaining momentum and may overtake Mozilla Firefox’s No. 2 market share spot as early as December. StatCounter’s data notes that Microsoft’s No.1 Internet Explorer and Firefox have been losing market shares since January, and Google Chrome is picking up most of those customers.

Chrome has already surpassed Firefox in the UK, and its energy appears to be increasing on a global scale. Since January, Google Chrome has gained eight percentage points in worldwide market shares, a growth of 50 percent in total shares. Analysts expect Chrome to continue growing at this quick pace.
Chrome’s September global share reported in last Wednesday at 23.6% with Firefox close by at 26.8%. Internet Explorer checked in at 41.7%. Google Chrome will need to continue its current rate of growth to overtake Firefox by the end of December.
Net Applications, a US web metrics company, predicts a longer period of time for Chrome to reach the No.2 spot. They state that if the pace of Chrome’s growth continues, it will surpass Firefox by the middle of 2012.