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Five months after iPhone’s debut on Verizon Wireless

For wireless consumers worldwide, the release of Verizon’s new IPhone last January was as major as the initial release of At&T’s IPhone. In fact, a majority of wireless carriers reported positive results with new subscribers, and new revenue in the first quarter. T-Mobile was the only provider that had difficulty reporting a loss of subscribers

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The iPhone 5 last release

Don’t look for anything new this summer from Apple. The new highly anticipated IPhone 5 will not be rolling out with the hot weather, reports MacRumors. The rumor mill is also speculating that indeed the phone might not release until September or even later in the year. A big difference from a company, like Apple,

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Verizon offering unlimited data plan for limited time

Verizon will now offer those who purchase an iPhone a $30 unlimited data plan. Verizon COO Lowell McAdam explained that not offering an unlimited plan would prevent customers who might otherwise switch from AT&T from doing so. Anticipation that Verizon would soon offer the iPhone kept sales down in the fourth quarter of 2010, he

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What iPhone from Verizon means to Apple

This is official, the iPhone is finally coming to Verizon Wireless. Verizon is the country’s largest wireless carrier, and it will have the phone available in stores around the end of this month. Verizon Wireless could generate sales of millions of iPhones this year. Many analysts agree that Apple will most probably sell 9 million

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AT&T wireless service

The AT&T carrier is investing unreasonably in its wired network even that its wireless service is way behind the competition. According to Gerard Hallaren of TownHall Investment Research, AT&T in order to bring its cellular service up to the level of its competitor (Verizon Wireless, Hallaren), the company has to invest an additional US$5 billion.

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