The iPhone 5 last release

Don’t look for anything new this summer from Apple. The new highly anticipated IPhone 5 will not be rolling out with the hot weather, reports MacRumors. The rumor mill is also speculating that indeed the phone might not release until September or even later in the year.

A big difference from a company, like Apple, that has HOT summer release IPhones traditionally, and a major change in the product cycle, causing Nokia executives to react.

Devindra Hardawar from VentureBeat’s believes that a fall release might be a perfect fit for Apple, citing the rapid speed of the LTE 4G networks. These LTE 4G chipsets could play a pivotal role in when the new IPhone 5’s release date. The later the date, the greater the anticipation, especially for IPhone and Apple junkies.

If all of the gossipers are right, the simultaneous release of the IPHone 5, the rumored IPad3 and the iOS 5 operating system, all will come in the fall around the same time.

Not to mention the release of Verizon’s IPhone in February of this year and the White IPhone in April, Apple might just want to slow down on their 2011 releases and build some anticipation.