Chrome more popular than Safari

A web analytics company Statcounter announced a press release with a study which shows that Google’s Chrome is the third most used browser in the United States. During a study the company considered 874 million page views from the network of over three million websites. Out of this number Chrome had a market share of 8.97% , Apple’s Safari has 8.88%.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser and has 52% of the market. Firefox is a number two with 28.5%.

Results are a surprise, it is enough to image that every single apple computer comes with Safari. Apple’s indeed has now 10% of the computer market share. On the other hand Google’s Chrome is not bundled with any computer as a default browser. Google’s Chrome is also the newest browser in the market, Chrome was introduced 2 years ago.

Browsers market share by Statcounter:
1. Internet Explorer – 52%
2. Firefox – 28.5%.
3. Chrome – 8.97%
4. Safari – 8.88%