Staples Is Seattle Bound

Seattle, Washington is a great location to expand a large company’s horizons.  Google Facebook, and Groupon have already made their presence known in Seattle.  Therefore the news that Staples will also be making their new e-commerce and engineering center.

Staples Big Announcement 

Staples announced on Thursday their plans for the next few months.  Not only will Staples be opening their first West Coast office.  Their plans are to secure a location in downtown Seattle with enough room for as many as 50 employees.  This exciting development center will focus primarily on e-commerce and engineering.  Personalization and big data will be the main office support duties, among other things.

The Executive Vice President’s Press Release From Staples 

Faisal Masud is the executive vice president of global e-commerce.  In the press release he stated “Staples is changing the way customers shop online”.  He also indicated that moving their development center to Seattle will be a great move, because the Seattle area has some of the biggest technology companies.  Being able to tap into those talented companies will benefit Staples greatly.

Seattle has a history if cutting edge companies in retail making a huge success.  Nordstrom, REI, and Starbucks are all living proof of the success market.  Each one of these companies are trying to make their mark in e-commerce, however Staples will most likely pull talent from each of the organizations to make their foundation an even bigger success.