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How to Supercharge Your Online Holiday Sales

The music, the lights, the food and the shopping! As the song says, the holiday season is “…the most wonderful time of year”. For

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Small and Medium Businesses Ready to Disrupt the eCommerce Marketplace

Twenty years have passed since the first online shopping transaction was processed. Some claim this purchase was a Pizza Hut pizza, while others say it was Sting’s 10 Summoner’s Tales CD, but whatever it was, the internet would never be the same. Over the next eighteen years, what started out as a single small transaction

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Retailers Offering E-Commerce Options

Something we are starting to see when we take the time to shop online is the “Buy online, pick up in store” option.  This option is very popular to all of the online shoppers that would prefer to shop online.  Once the shopper is notified their item is at the store, it can be picked

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GoDaddy’s New Acquisition – Media Temple

In less than two years, GoDaddy has made its 6th purchase. A hosting company by the name Media Temple is GoDaddy’s next venture. Media Temple is well known for hosting very large websites for Volkswagen and The Wall Street Journal. Media Temple also has over 125,000 customers and hosts more than 1.5 million websites. GoDaddy’s

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Youtube Can Help With Your SEO Too!

Youtube is famous for being the website to go check out free videos for almost anything.  Most people do not realize that Youtube can also be a SEO force that will really help promote your business or website if you follow ten tips that truly will get you further in your marketing and promotion.

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2013 E-commerce Holiday Predictions

As holiday season rapidly approaches, so does the holiday rush for retailers.  This year holiday sales are expected to exceed $61 billion dollars in November and December.  There are six trends to follow that are going to be what makes holiday season such a big time for small and mid-sized retailers. Here is a list

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Staples Is Seattle Bound

Seattle, Washington is a great location to expand a large company’s horizons.  Google Facebook, and Groupon have already made their presence known in Seattle.  Therefore the news that Staples will also be making their new e-commerce and engineering center.

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Yahoo Versus Google

Millions of Internet users are familiar with Yahoo and Google because of all of the features each of these sites utilize.  However, most would be very surprised to hear that Yahoo is once again the leader of the pack.  Yahoo has a very strong CEO with a voice that is grabbing attention right and left. 

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E-Commerce SEO Success

Search engine optimization or SEO is much more difficult for merchants than any other professional using SEO online.  Each merchant has their own unique challenges and specialized strategies, which makes SEO very important.  Even though SEO for E-commerce sites is complex, it doesn’t mean it has to be challenging either.  The goal for an effective

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An Impressive First Quarter For Online Jobs

According to data revealed by Freelancer.com, working from home has become a very aggressive market over the last few years. Employers with strong E-commerce departments are developing easier ways to hire people for tasks that can be done from home.

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