Website Developer’s Diary: How to connect to FTP

FileZilla over Total Commander. Why?

When 8 years ago I started playing with website design and development I discovered Total Commander. Last few, years this software drives me crazy. It disconnects me over and over, coping hundreds of files to server is impossible without dozens of disconnections. But I was still using it. Probably because my first connection with FTP was made with Total Commander and I had this sentimental feeling toward a software ;). TC also looks like an old Norton Commander from DOS era (again, this sentimental feeling).

However, few days ago I went just crazy during moving ZenCart files from my computer to the server (ZenCart has really a lot of files)! One of my web developer suggested me FileZilla. Since then, I use it and I love it :). Now I recommend it also to all website designers and developers!

You can download FileZilla from

Author: Daniel Sodkiewicz