WordPress 3 is due in early May

WordPress (blogging platform) is about to get another update version 3.0, which is due in early May.

Version 3.0 of WordPress is in the beta release stage. It is scheduled for final release in May 2010. Below is the list of some of the enhancements and fixes which WordPress 3 will bring.

  • New menu management feature
  • Improved custom post types
  • Improved custom taxonomies including hierarchical (category-style) support
  • New theme “Twenty Ten” is the only theme in the WordPress distribution, and is now designated the ‘fallback’ theme
  • Improved child theme support; child theme use is highly encouraged and as described in the Child Themes article, very simple to accomplish
  • The Default (Kubrick), and Classic themes, are no longer included in the WordPress distribution, but are available in the Theme repository
  • Bulk theme update ability
  • Standalone WordPress and WPMU code merged
  • Configure a Network (multisite/WPMU)
  • Allow Tab indenting, Shift-Tab (outdenting), and multi-line tabbing, in plugin/theme editors
  • Improved revision comparison user interface
  • Allow for removing all tags in quick edit

You can read more at wordpress.org/…