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Twitter Releases Official WordPress Plugin

If you are ready to grow your audience on Twitter’s social media platform, we have good news. The official release of a Twitter plugin for WordPress is now available. The installable package is ready for sites running WordPress, allowing users the ability to easily connect with the social network. Some of the functionality included with

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Speed Up Your WordPress with WP Super Cache

Just a short post in which we would like to share some stats from how using WP Super Cache plugin can speed up your WordPress site.

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WordPress releases “Parker” for 3.8

In honor of Charlie Parker, a bebop innovator the new version 3.8 of WordPress is now available for downloading or updating your current WordPress dashboard.  One of the main new features about the new update is the great looking new modern design.  No more overbearing gradients or multiple shades of grey, but instead bigger, bolder, and

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WordPress Will Be Releasing Two Versions Concurrently In The Near Future

Any user of WordPress at this exact moment is thrilled to hear this amazing news. WordPress is a great platform for many websites, and is used around the entire world for business websites, blogs, and even as newsletters. WordPress 3.6 was released just recently therefore, the news of version 3.7 and 3.8 on the way

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The Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best Option When Building A Website

WordPress is widely popular for blogging purposes, but many people do not know that WordPress is also one of the most solid website building platforms used. WordPress is responsible for powering huge websites such as CNN, Radaronline and People Magazine.

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WordPress 3.5.1 Hits the Market

WordPress is constantly creating new versions of their CMS to maintain their place as a top ranking website platform. On January 24th, 2013 WordPress announced their newest version, version 3.5.1. Update 3.5.1 focuses on general maintenance, ultimately fixing over 35 issues. ​This update also helps heighten security on the platform that millions use to build

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2012: The Year in Review for WordPress

2012 proved to be yet another busy year for WordPress. The website recently posted, “2012: A Look Back,” which reviews the tribulations and triumphs experienced by the website over the past 12 months. Overall, WordPress had an incredibly successful year in 2012, gaining further popularity and truly claiming itself as one of the top online

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Study Shows Consumers Spending More Time on Social Media Than Ever Before

A recent study revealed that the majority of time spent online is now predominately spent accessing social media websites. Nielsen noted that there was a 37% increase in time spent on social media websites this past year. Among those who use home computers 20% of time spent online was spent accessing social media sites, and

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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com ? Which One Should I Use?

You’re ready to take your blogging more seriously, and you’ve done our research. Many business websites use the wordpress platform for its ease of use, versatility, and customizability. But, which WordPress should you use? WordPress.com or WordPress.org? What is the difference, and which is the best choice for your small business? Read on and find

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WordPress 3.4 release goes Green

Names in honor of guitarist Grant Green, WordPress 3.4 ‘Green’ has been released to users and developers. Insiders let us know that many significant improvements to a variety of components were designed while listening to Grant Green’s soulful strums. These improvements include theme customization, custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image captions. This release means big

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