2012: The Year in Review for WordPress


2012 proved to be yet another busy year for WordPress. The website recently posted, “2012: A Look Back,” which reviews the tribulations and triumphs experienced by the website over the past 12 months. Overall, WordPress had an incredibly successful year in 2012, gaining further popularity and truly claiming itself as one of the top online publishing and CMS platforms to date. Below we’ve noted just a few of the top events that took place on the renowned site in 2012 as noted in their article.

Plugin Improvements

WordPress is notoriously known for constantly adding and updating their available plugins. In 2012 WordPress bettered its overall plugin directory by providing users with more in-depth reviews, stronger support, and an overall more modern look to many of the plugins appearances.

Software updates

Software updates and releases are imperative if you want your CMS platform to succeed in today’s ever-changing online market. In 2012 WordPress did not disappoint with software updates and new software releases. These updates included creating a theme customizer, implementing a new gallery tool, and establishing various security updates.

The introduction of Make.wordpress.org

For the first time ever WordPress created an area where teams can be created to focus solely on specific aspects of WordPress. Team representatives can also be established within this part of the site. This allows for representatives from different teams to work together in order to help each other gain a deeper understanding of the many elements that make up this dynamic site.

WordPress seminars

2012 brought with it an impressive 67 WordCamps across the globe. These camps benefited all types of users whether they were creating their personal website, developing one for a business, or simply wanted to know more about what WordPress has to offer. In 2013 they hope to bring even more WordCamps to an area near you.

Internet blackout day participants

January 18, 2012 marked the first official “Internet Blackout Day” which many online organizations took part in to protest SOPA and PIPA. WordPress was among those participanting and encouraged users to blackout their websites as well, providing plugins that would help simplify the process.

Source: http://wordpress.org/news/2013/01/2012-a-look-back/