WordPress Will Be Releasing Two Versions Concurrently In The Near Future

Any user of WordPress at this exact moment is thrilled to hear this amazing news. WordPress is a great platform for many websites, and is used around the entire world for business websites, blogs, and even as newsletters. WordPress 3.6 was released just recently therefore, the news of version 3.7 and 3.8 on the way is great news for those of us that rely on WordPress so heavily. This platform is one of the most popular platforms to ever be used. Even websites with huge amounts of traffic are WordPress based.

Wordpress 3.7

This particular version will only have a timeline of 2 months. It will be the faster turnaround ever. Here are the goals for this version’s release.

  • Language packs
  • Auto-updates for minor releases
  • Enhancements to help strengthen user password. Being able to really put the lock down on your WordPress site or blog is an improvement.

Wordpress 3.8

Here are the suggested ideas about the version 3.8 of WordPress.

  • An overhaul of widgets
  • Featured content – imagine being able to manage the information of which posts are featured and being able to control the location. The theme will determine the presentation of the information.
  • Improving the content editing experience – this is always a huge bonus!
  • Getting dashboard help
  • Global turn off comments
  • Explore the front-end posting/art direction with the possibility of using the existing customizer.
  • Re-imagine the WP.org theme directory for a better experience

At the moment there are two teams of WordPress designers and coders working to get these new versions ready to go. If you currently use WordPress, then you will know just how exciting this will be for all of us that rely so hugely on this amazing platform. In a short about of time the new versions will be ready to use. Tentatively speaking it was released that October 7th or around the week of the 7th of October is when all WordPress users will be able to start using the newer versions.