Wi-Fi is coming to New York City Subway

Bloomberg reports that $200 million will be spent to wire six subterranean stations in New York City. It will take about two years to add Wi-Fi along 14th Street at Sixth, Seventh and Eighth avenues and 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue. During another four years city will install antennas in the remaining 271.

Thanks to this project, riders in New York City will enjoy mobile phone and Wi-Fi service on the platform, mezzanines and portions of the subway tunnels. Wireless providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will pay for access to the network.

Subways in Singapore, Berlin and Tokyo few years ago started providing to their travelers Wi-Fi. Plans to bring cell phone and wireless Internet service to New York City subways was announced in 2007 but then nothing took place because of a shortage of funding.