Is there a utopian NYC neighborhood?


What is the best neighborhood in New York City? Of course, the answer depends on who you ask. There are so many variables to consider: rental rates, proximity to work, quality schools, theater availability, etc. With each neighborhood bringing its own rhythm & character to the table, there are many aspects to consider to find the best neighborhood for you. There are, of course, those few neighborhoods which are so amazing, and have so much going for them, they could likely satisfy many of our personal criteria.

One of the best things about New York City is that, thanks to having one of the most extensive, reliable, and economic public transportation systems in the world, your best place to live doesn’t have to be the same place you work, play, party, shop, eat, or do whatever it is you enjoy.

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Variety Is the Spice of Life

New York City is such a massive, diverse place, multiple neighborhood types can exist in the same area. Are you looking for a single family home with a front and back yard?Look in neighborhoods such as Forest Hills, Riverdale, and Howard Beach where detached homes are prevalent. Is a soaring high-rise apartment building more your style? You’ll find these in Midtown, the Financial District, and Co-op City.

Are you more the artsy type, content to surround yourself with creative neighbors? Look in the direction of Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. Of course, you’ll find less raucous, more refined New Yorkers in the Upper East Side, Riverdale, and Brooklyn Heights.

Do you have to put the needs of others before your own when choosing a place to live? You certainly do if you are a parent of young children. Families with small children tend to make their homes in places such as the Upper West Side, Park Slope, and Greenpoint.

Do the outdoors give you that peaceful, happy feeling? Are you most content when outdoor living is incorporated into your residential choice? If you answered yes, your happy spot could be anywhere near Central Park, Prospect Park, or, for that matter, Rockaway Beach.

While searching for the utopian neighborhood, keep in mind that New York City neighborhoods may show big differences on a block by block basis. Sometimes this is dictated by the presence of stores, bars and restaurants lining the sidewalks. For example, Christopher Street and Barrow Street in the West Village are only a block or two apart, but Christopher Street is a haven for debauchery, while the latter sports quaint charm. Even in Chelsea, the streets are quiet and quaint while the avenues (especially 8th and 9th) can feel like an all-night event.