Apple Introduces its New Maps App


For years the smartphone savvy individual has relied on Google maps as their main source for any directional needs. However, one of Apple’s many recent announcements is that they will be offering up some stiff competition in the coming months. Apple Maps will be featured in the iOS6 update and is already available to developers and will be made available to the public in the fall. It will be integrated into the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and most likely be available in most app stores.

What Will This Maps App Do?

Apple promises to provide users with a simple, painless mapping experience. The app will contain a local search option and Siri integration that will allow users to not only talk to their map while driving but also be read the directions. This will provide users with a safe way to locate and travel to their various destinations. The app will also feature crowd-sourced real-time traffic that will provide users with alternate routes, allowing them to avoid any roadblocks that may come their way while travelling. There will also be turn-by-turn and navigation directions (which you or Siri can read). 3D mapping is also included in this app, and though some argue that this feature is very similar to what Google recently announced, Apple’s 3D maps promises to provide state-of-the-art, vivid mapping animation. As of yet there is no Google Street View counterpart.

What Else Will This App Include?

Apple’s press release also revealed that the app will include local business reviews and ratings to help customers find the best stops along the way (featured by Yelp). Local deals and sales will be featured at given locations and photos will be integrated into the app to create a realistic image of where one is going and what they are looking for. Apple also hinted at having additional map app add-ons possibly available within the actual app itself to allow users to better personalize their maps experience.