How to Make Your Marketing Emails a Success

For businesses there can be a very fine line between sending a great marketing email that will heighten your reputation and sending one that will deter customers. This time of year especially consumers are flooded with marketing emails (many often considered spam mail). So what will help your email stand out and lead to a click-through to your website versus a click-through to the unsubscribe page? Follow these simple steps below to find out.

Make sure your email has a clear, cohesive message

email marketingWhen consumers are inundated with emails they often only take a few seconds to review the subject lines before deciding whether to actually open the email or delete it. Thus, ensure that your target knows your email’s intention at first glance. Whether it’s about an upcoming sale, a recent purchase, or new stock make sure that they will be able to understand your point within a matter of seconds. This will save your emails from the trash.

Don’t email your target too frequently

The worst thing a company can do is overwhelm their customers with too many emails. This methodology will only cause users to ultimately unsubscribe from your mailing list. Consider asking customers when exactly, and how often, they would like to receive marketing emails (daily, weekly, when there’s a new sale, etc.). This is a great way to give consumers a sense of control over their email while simultaneously helping you to better cater to individuals wants and needs.

Consider sending more of your emails on weekends

What many businesses don’t realize is that marketing emails are most read over the weekend, specifically Saturday. Take this into strong consideration when trying to figure out the ideal time to reach out to your target audience if you haven’t already.

Give your emails a personal touch

Providing consumers with a broad marketing email obviously written for the masses will only deter customers from your business or service. Include a personalized subject line and personal signature in your emails to make consumers feel special and think that your message was specifically written for them. This has proven to be an incredibly successful strategy and has shown to dramatically increase click-through rates.