How to tell When It’s Time for Redesign of your business website?

Answer these questions below Yes or No.


  1. Are the websites of your competitors outranking your website in the search engine results?
  2. You are not generating a satisfactory level of business from your website?
  3. Your website  displaying improperly on some web browsers?
  4. Your site looks terrible or is not accessible on mobile devices?
  5. You cannot easily update content on your website without having to call your web designer?
  6. Your site looks very poor and simple comparing to the competition?



  • If you answered YES 1-3 times: you probably don’t need the entire site re-designed.  A few solid tweaks should solve your problem(s).
  • If you answered YES 4+ times: you should consider re-designing your site entirely.


Big re-design or tweaks?

When first launching your website online, your original needs were met and the website was also an asset to your business.  However, over time things do change.  A website that once supported your organizational objectives can become outdated, and in some cases work against completion of your business goals.

A business website can become a critical component of your business.  Your site is the gateway to your online persona and presents your company image to potential customers and clients.  A business website also might be the only way you sell your goods/services online, or that crucial first impression that helps a potential customer decide if your company is the best choice.

Neglecting a website can be the biggest mistake, because it works against you.  The goal is to have a website that grows, as your business expands.  In most cases if your site was created a year ago, it might be time for a website tune-up.  A huge re-design isn’t in order, but small tweaks to help your site’s performance.  A great web designer consultant will be able to evaluate the necessary changes, so that you are able to tune your site up.

You should not redesign your site just to do something new, redesign because you there is a better solution to your online presence.