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How to tell When It’s Time for Redesign of your business website?

Answer these questions below Yes or No. Are the websites of your competitors outranking your website in the search engine results? You are not generating a satisfactory level of business from your website? Your website  displaying improperly on some web browsers? Your site looks terrible or is not accessible on mobile devices? You cannot easily

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Website Redesign – Successes and Slip-ups

Congratulations! You have your business website up and running. Oh? You’ve had it up for a while? You see some changes you want to make? Well, hold on a minute. You’ve come to the right place. Redesigning your company website, be it a corporate web site or small business site, is a complex task. This

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Myspace is coming back

MySpace launched a new and improved design. The website is going to narrow its focus on entertainment for people between 13 and 35 years old. Mr. Michael Jones, the president of Myspace, said that the site is not going to compete with Facebook, Myspace focus only on social entertainment.

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