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How to Make Your Marketing Emails a Success

For businesses there can be a very fine line between sending a great marketing email that will heighten your reputation and sending one that will deter customers. This time of year especially consumers are flooded with marketing emails (many often considered spam mail). So what will help your email stand out and lead to a

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Tips for How Your Website Can Better Handle The Holiday Rush

With Christmas just a few days away many websites are experiencing escalated traffic due to last minute gift purchases. Because of this it’s imperative that businesses properly prepare for such heightened traffic and ensure that their site is ready for such potential e-commerce. Thus, we’ve compiled a simple and straightforward list of the top 5

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Strong Passwords: Tips to make and remember them

We all have them. A specific password for our home email, our work email, our bank account, our cable company account, our phone bill online… so many passwords! But which passwords are the best passwords? How can you construct a password that is most likely to protect your identity or business information? This article will

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Solving the problem of relief inefficiency

In times of crisis and humanitarian need, those who are able often want to help. Many times however, volunteer efforts are disorganized, and sometimes help doesn’t reach those who need it. Hurricane Sandy is a recent example of this imbalance in our society. One blogger, wrote about his experience offering assistance at a church. He

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10 components your small business website must have

Like all Internet users, you’ve encountered a few bad websites in your days of browsing the web. No, not just bad design. It’s much more than that. The key question for small business owners is: what qualities must your website have to be viewed as a quality site? This article gives you the answer in

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6 ways to achieve success with your product launch

Picture this: You want to release new features to your customers, and you decide to order the CDs from your local supplier. No! In the days of cloud computing, this is no longer necessary. Now, these features can be launched into the cloud and consumed by your clients as needed. No longer are we dependent

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Twitter advice from a journalist turned social media guru

Less than three months ago, Mark Luckie left The Washington Post to become Twitter’s journalism and news manager. One of his first tasks was to work with Twitter’s Platforms and Analytics team to study tweets by journalists and other news media. Their findings may surprise you. What tweet types lead to retweets? What tweet behaviors

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Five ways to increase your website popularity

In the maze of sites that make up today’s Internet, the question for site owners becomes: How do I increase my web presence? Without being too pushy or scaring off potential clients with unwelcome adverts, we’ve found five ways to increase the popularity of your site. Partnering with a company who has a strong reputation

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Website copyright: What’s yours is whose?

Popularity and increased use of the Internet has brought many wonderful benefits. The availability of information at speeds often more quick than our brains can transition is sometimes hard to wrap our heads around. In this age of advancement, the question of copyright is an obvious one. Once you put your words out there for

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Dueling Search Engine Marketing Techniques: SEO vs. PPC

Your website goals include 1) increased traffic, 2) higher rankings in the most popular search engines, and 3) higher conversions. So what’s the best way to go about achieving them? The two main routes to increased traffic and higher rankings are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertizing. As they say, all roads lead

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