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3 Simple Tips for How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

When it comes to ecommerce websites the most important element of your online presence is that you are in fact selling your product/brand successfully to the consumer. Too often ecommerce sites lose sight of this and don’t execute their sale strategy correctly. Below are 3 fullproof methods for how to better reach your target audience

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A Few Tips to Help Boost Your E-Commerce Website

With the digital world constantly updating e-commerce websites often find themselves changing their ordering process in an effort to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology. No matter how well designed and interactive your website may be if the ordering process is not straightforward and easy to operate your e-commerce site is destined to

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Do people shop on phones?

You’re sitting in a coffee shop waiting for your next appointment when you spy the perfect bag on the shoulder of the lady at the counter. You can make out the brand as she turns to check the line behind her. What do you do? You shop mobile, of course. And, you’re not alone. In

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Tips for How Your Website Can Better Handle The Holiday Rush

With Christmas just a few days away many websites are experiencing escalated traffic due to last minute gift purchases. Because of this it’s imperative that businesses properly prepare for such heightened traffic and ensure that their site is ready for such potential e-commerce. Thus, we’ve compiled a simple and straightforward list of the top 5

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Updating Magento 1.6 to 1.7

Because of our team’s experience working with Magento and building hundreds of websites using it, we have the skills needed to update your software quickly and efficiently. We view each client’s needs as unique and understand the complexity of upgrading Magento versions. Thus, we always let our client’s know the extent of the updates needed

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Four tips for an effective ecommerce site

How many purchases have you made using your smartphone in the past month? How about in the past week? With the rise of smartphone-friendly shopping carts, many businesses are catching on to the benefits of ecommerce. In fact, recent years have brought more and more small business retailers to ecommerce as an effective means of

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Starting an online store

How much of your recent shopping have you done online? Does this have your brain churning with entrepreneurial ideas? It should. Consider the following statistics: 186: amount (in billions) spent in 2010 online transactions 81: percentage of Internet users who research a product online 26: percent of people on the Internet who have used online

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Solution to ‘Unable to process payment’ Paypal Standard Error in Magento

The newest version of Magento in some cases has a problem working correctly with PayPal Standard payment option. After completing the checkout fields and clicking the buttons to process payment via PayPal, you can experience the error message ‘Unable to process payment.’ There is a trick to solve this issue. The error message looks like

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Nothing says SOLD! like free shipping

Picture yourself browsing the Internet, shopping for that perfect gift. As you compare prices, one stands out: ‘Free Shipping on orders of [insert price] or more!’ Your brain starts spinning as you think So, if I order that whirlygig for myself, that will get my order total up to the free shipping cutoff. Sound familiar?

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Is your website ready for holiday shoppers?

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, take a moment to consider the readiness of your website. Is your site in tip-top shape? Is it ready to handle the increased traffic and larger sale volumes? Have you taken the time to consider how your visitors’ interests might have changed to reflect the needs of the

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