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The Popularity Of HTML5

HTML5 provides a great example of how so many of the companies listed in The Fortune 500 aren’t necessarily the innovators when it comes to their design.  Analyzing how these huge companies are currently designing their digital assets will be essential in finding out the trends that are working for all of these companies.

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Responsive web design: A custom experience for all

Congratulations! You’ve launched your business website, and you are beginning to see traffic flow increase. How many versions of your site have you created? Is it compatible with MS Explorer, Firefox, and Safari? Do you have a mobile version? Does it work on a Blackberry? How about an iPhone? Have you considered its compatibility with

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Google Voice

The conflict between Google, Apple and AT&T about Google Voice remains unresolved, the app for calling service from Google is still not available on the iPhone. However, as it was announced few weeks ago by Vic Gundotra, Google brings Google Voice to the iPhone “one way or the other!” Mr. Paquet , senior product manager

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HTML5 coming to NYC November 1st

Imagine having Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Mozilla, Sencha, and more all under one roof. Sound incredible? You’ve just imagined the second annual HTML5 Live conference taking place November 1, 2011 in New York City. Conference attendees, including executives at Royal Deer Design, will explore areas of Browser Support, Architecture, Communication, Mobile and Web Applications. Industry leaders,

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Google announces H.264 is out, WebM is in

Last week, in a move that has sparked much heated debate, Google announced it was dropping H.264 support from Chrome’s HTML5 video tag. According to the post at The Chromium Blog, posted by Google Product Manager Mike Jazayeri, “Specifically, we are supporting the WebM (VP8) and Theora video codecs, and will consider adding support for

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71% of Internet users have latest version of their browsers

Good news for web developers and HTML5. According to the newest data from Pingdom and StatCounter, majority of Internet users (71%) run the latest official versions of their browser. What does it mean? Web developers should more likely implement HTML5 into web projects. With that environment, the new standard is going to flourish and new

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HTML5 still under development

HTML5 is the future of web development. Figures like Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt promote the standard and make it trendy. Many web developers already started creating websites with features provided by HTML5. However, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the official standards organization of the Web, declares that it is

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Internet Explorer 9

Few days ago Microsoft introduced their latest version of Internet Explorer 9. According to the Windows Team Blog, there were over 2 million downloads of the IE9 beta in the first two days. IE9 looks very slick and fast, it is running HTML5 code, and provides hardware acceleration. However, IE9 doesn?t run on XP, it

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HTML5 < video > tag versus Flash

HTML5 is still very new way of displaying video on web. On an official YouTube blog we can read that the company has to use Flash technology in order to meet all the needs of a site like YouTube. HTML5 < video > tag does not provide yet a good enough experience for viewers as

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Google Gmail and HTML5

According to Adam de Boor (a staff software engineer from Google) many upcoming features of the Gmail will be rendered in HTML5. De Boor said that Gmail with HTML5 will be much more efficient. Early tests have proved promising. Google has found that using CSS3 can speed the rendering time by 12 percent. HTML5 allows

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